1 April 1836
adams-john10 Neal Millikan
491 Friday 1. April 1836.

1. V:30. Friday.

Everett Alexr H Mrs John Brown

This morning I finished reading the Memoir of the Life, Writings and Speeches of Sir James Mackintosh in front of his History of the Revolution of 1688.— Two thirds or three fourths of it consists of extracts from the Speeches and writings—with some criticism, not favourably partial to him Mrs Brown and her husband, are wandering Mendicants from Boston— Mr A. H. Everett came and took leave— Going at four O’Clock this afternoon—returning to Boston— At the House the first hour was consumed in receiving Reports from standing Committees— Mercer asked and obtained leave to offer a Resolution which was adopted for the appointment of a Select Committee of one member from each State to prepare and report a system of regulations respecting contested Elections. W. B. Sheppard Chairman of the Committee on the District of Columbia, succeeded at last in making two reports— At noon sundry Bills from the Senate were twice read and referred to Committees—after which private business was taken up, and the house was deserted, save by the straggling debaters who consumed the time of the House till near four O’Clock when after an unsuccessful effort of Vanderpoel to adjourn over to Monday, the house adjourned.

I dined with Mr Cass, the Secretary of War— His family consists of Mrs Cass, three grown up daughters and one Son. The company besides were the Secretaries Forsyth Woodbury and Dickerson, the President’s Secretary Donelson, Andrew Stevenson, Minister to England, Mr Fox, the Minister from England just arrived, with Buchanan and Murray, Calderon de la Barca Spanish Minister with two Attachés—Gorotiza Mexican Minister with two others, and Mr and Mrs Cruger (once Douglas—) After dinner Miss Bache came in; a daughter of Richard Bache— It was near 11. P.M. when I came home.

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