9 May 1836
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9. IV:30. Monday.

Huntt Dr Henry Austin James T Kenny of Connt.

I found at ten O’Clock the House in Session, and the Clerk was reading a Resolution offered by Horace Everett of Vermont, calling upon the President for copies of all Instructions to the Representatives of the United States in Mexico, since the 1st of January 1835 relative to the boundaries between the two Nations, and relative to the setting on foot Military Expeditions by Citizens of the United States against the Mexican Province of Texas—and relative to the military occupation or contemplated occupation under the authority of the President of any post or place within the Province of Texas—and all correspondence and communications which have passed at Washington or at Mexico between the two Governments respecting the same and all information in possession of the executive respecting the same—and all orders or instructions issued to the Military or other Officer of the United States, or the States relative to the defence of the Western frontier and all correspondence between them and the government respecting the same. The resolution was received and lies over one day— The Resolutions of the Legislature of Kentucky relating to the distribution of the proceeds of the public Lands, were taken up, and Sherrod Williams made a party Speech against Hawes— Then half an hour was wasted in useless struggles for the admission of the presentation of Petitions— L. Lincoln succeeded in getting through a joint Resolution from the Senate authorizing the Secretary of War to receive informal evidence in support of the Massachusetts claim for expenditures in the last War with Great Britain— The order of the day was called and the Navy Appropriation Bill came up—the question was on the Amendment of the Naval Committee to the Senate’s Amendment of two Sections authorising a surveying and exploring expedition to the South Seas— Patton, Hamer, John Read, Hawes, S. C. Phillips, and Dickerson, discussed this question which was carried 92 to 68—and the Bill with another was sent to the Senate—the Fortification Bill was again barely taken up M’Comas obtained the floor and the House adjourned—a Mr Kenney brought a history of manufactures, and I had an Evening visit from Mr James T. Austin of Boston.