11 May 1836
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Elections, Presidential 1836 Anti-Masonic Party

11. IV:30. Wednesday.

Shedd— James A.

I went to the House soon after 9. O’Clock—and gave the Bill to incorporate a Cotton manufacturing company at Georgetown to be copied in the Clerk’s Office— In the House, Reports from the standing Committees were called— I reported from the Committee on the Public Lan Manufactures, the Bill from the Senate N. 99. reducing the duties on certain Articles of import, with amendments—referred to the Committee of the whole on the State of the Union— The question to what Committee the Bill from the Senate for distributing among the several States the proceeds of the public Lands, should be referred was debated till one O’Clock; by Gillet, Granger and Briggs. Bynum of North-Carolina, sputtered to get the floor without success. At one the fortification Bill came up as the order of the day, in Committee of the whole on the Union, Abijah Mann in the Chair. Townes of Georgia, made a speech of two hours, presidential electioneering, formally answering the Speeches heretofore made by Bell of Tennessee, and by Robertson of Virginia upon the Navy Appropriation Bill—for it is becoming a common practice to make long Speeches upon one Bill in answer to long Speeches upon another— Townes sent to the Clerk to read, many extracts from Speeches and Letters of H. Clay, and Hugh L. White to prove their inconsistency—and he replied with some point to Bell who was not in the house (there were not more than sixty members in the house, the rest were at the races) and to Robertson who was— In defence of Jackson’s proscriptions from Office, Townes charged me with having when Secretary of State dismissed a printer of the Laws, who was in favour of General Jackson, and appointed in his place one friendly to me— I interrupted him and denied the fact—adding that the only change of Printer in Tennessee that I ever made was at the request of General Jackson, (whether he recollects it or not I could not tell) and of his colleague John H. Eaton— I further said that I had never removed any person from Office, for political opposition to me— Townes finished soon after 3. the Committee rose and the House adjourned— I went into the Library and consulted Thurloe’s State Papers. Saw Persico there— In the Evening I had a visit from James A. Shedd of Dayton, Ohio— Who spoke of Antimasonry and the Cumberland road.