25 July 1843
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Travel and Touring, International War of 1812
20 Niagara Falls. Tuesday 25 July 1843. Lundy’s Lane. Table Rock.

25. IV.30. Tuesday.

Fillmore Millard Love and Swarms Mitchell O. M.

This morning I delivered to professor Mitchell my answer to the Resolution of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society of the 18th. instt. inviting me to lay the corner Stone of the observatory which they propose to erect; and to deliver an Oration on the occasion— I have accepted the invitation, and promised to perform the duty; if in my power some day in the month of November next, to suit the convenience of the Society. This is a rash promise, and in faithfully analysing my motives for making it I wish I could find them pure from all alloy of vanity, and self-glorification. It is an arduous, hazardous and expensive undertaking, the successful performance of which is more than problematical and of the event of which it is impossible for me to forseee any thing but disappointment— Yet there is a motive pure and elevated and a purpose benevolent and generous, at least mingling with the impulses which in this case I obey, and upon which I may without irreverence invoke the blessing of Heaven as I do, for fortitude, energy and perseverance to accomplish what I have promised— Mr Mitchell after receiving my answer, took his departure to return to Cincinnati— Mr. Millard Fillmore and Mr Love, heretofore members of Congress came this day, deputed from the City of Buffalo to invite me to visit that place, and Mr Fillmore delivered to me a similar written invitation signed by 13 citizens of Syracuse— I went this morning with Genl. Porter to Goat Island to bespeak a warm bath at the bathing house just above the single sheeted fall from which it borrows the stream that supplies the bath— They had then no heated water, but promised to have some ready for me this evening.— I then walked about an hour before breakfast with the General to re-inspect all the points from which the cascades and the rapids are seen to the best advantage— The sky was unusually clear, the Sun shining in cloudless splendour and the snowy foam of the spray reflected the burning beams in a constantly shifting rainbow adding exquisite beauty to the awful grandeur of the falling flood.— After breakfast, General Porter, with Mr Brooks, Mr and Mrs Grinnell, Mrs Charles and her Son, descended the steps to the ferry, and crossed the river in a small ferry boat over a placid and gentle stream scarcely conscious of the falling tempest so close above them— The ascent on the western side, of the river, though steep and rocky, is practicable, and we found at the landing two Carriages waiting for us, in which we ascended the heights, and rode first to view the scene of the Action at Lundy’s Lane on the 5th. of July 1814. in the last War with Great Britain— We then went to the Clifton house and ordered dinner— Then leaving the Ladies there we proceeded to the plains of Chippewa, where General Porter explained to us the movements on the battleground at that place, on the 25th of July 1814 of which day this is the anniversary— Returning we stop’d and saw the phenomenon of the burning spring and I drank a tumbler of its cool sulphuric water. Dined at the Clifton house— Visited the table rock and the cavern under it— Returned over the ferry. Warm bath— Evening party at Genl. Porter’s.