7 December 1833
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7. VI. Saturday.

Dickson John Fillmore Mellerd Fuller Philo C Hazeltine Abner Lay George W. Martindale H. C Silsbee Nathaniel Barrell S. B.

I received this morning from Governor Lincoln of Massachusetts a Copy of Professor Hitchcock’s Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, Botany and Zoology of that State, with a pamphlet of Lithographic prints— This is a second act of Courtesy from him, shewing a very different temper from that in which he wrote his Letter of the 14th of October. It is my duty to meet his present conciliatory dispositions with a like return— I had visits from six of the Anti-Masonic members of the House of Representatives from the State of New-York, four of whom are new Members and were Strangers to me— Mr Martindale was a member of former Congresses, but not of the last— One of these Members said that of their Colleagues Abijah Mann jr. would probably aspire to take the lead on the Administration side—another said he thought Beardsley would contest it with him. Martindale spoke with much regret of R. Rush’s publications against the U.S. Bank: and especially that it had been republished with high commendation in the Boston Daily Advocate My visitors absorbed the morning. Before dinner I walked round the Capitol, and morning and Evening wrote a Letter to my Son Charles— The Report of the Secretary of the Treasury Roger B. Taney upon the removal of the deposits from the Bank of the United States; the exposition of W. J Duane the Ex-Secretary of the Treasury, turned out of the Office, for refusing to remove them, and the Defence of the President and Directors of the Bank by themselves against the President’s Manifesto have all come out together, and the reading of them occupied much of the day— I could not get thro’ them all; though all must be read with attention, and coolly considered—