14 June 1828
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14. IV:30. Saturday— Boat-Bath 25 minutes— Garden— Company to dine

Southard Samuel L Roberts Lyon Albert Clay— Henry Granger Roberdeau Isaac Elliot— William Rhea John Fendall Philip R White Joseph M Holbrook Elgar— Joseph

After swimming 25 minutes in the river, I visited the garden where the vegetation with the heat and moisture of the last week has been marvelous. The weeds and herbaceous plants have grown as by enchantment, but I found no new vegetation upon my trees— I observed only the expansion of one kernel of coffee into seed leaves; resembling those of the Althaea, but larger— The Althaea in box N. 4. which came up the 3d. has been from that time forming and opening its seed leaves— The stem is about half an inch above ground—the Seed leaves nearly round, presenting their surfaces in right angles with the stem, and directly upwards to receive the rays of the Sun, and the moisture of the atmosphere— The first leaf proper is now appearing between them— In Pot N. 1. The stem of the Tamarind up 24 May is also about half an inch above ground. The nut has not changed into seed leaves, but retains its perpendicular position, and its size its two lobes being opened just enough to hold between them the stem below and the plumelet above them. It has now put forth six successive stalks each bearing several pair of leaflets, which close together at Night and open to the Sun in the morning— The Persimon in the same Pot up the 3d. has a stem nearly two Inches from the ground. I have already remarked how its Seed leaves were formed, and at right angles with them its first pair of leaves proper. The second pair is now forming parallel with the Seed leaves. These two plants in this Pot, thrive more rapidly, and shew more promising, than others of the same kind, up in the garden and nursery. I have strewed a little fresh Earth over the surface of the ground in the Pot— But the Peach that I have in Pot N. 3 is much less prosperous than those growing in the open air— The Earth in my Tumblers N. 1 and 2. is becoming mouldy and breeding worms. All vegetation in them seems dead. 575Mr Southard introduced Mr Roberts of Virginia— Albert Lyon is a young physician from Baltimore, suffering with a pulmonary complaint, and desiring an appointment as assistant Surgeon in the Navy for the benefit of Sea voyaging, and visiting a tropical climate— He offers to serve without pay— I referred him to the Secretary of the Navy. Mr Clay introduced Mr Granger of Canandaigua, youngest Son of the late Gideon GrangerColonel Roberdeau and Mr Elliot came and fixed the Sun dial nearly under the Northern window of my Eastern chamber— Borland the Carpenter having imbedded the Slate in a wooden frame— John Rhea of Tennessee paid me a morning visit: he is eighty-five years old, and looks ten years older; but travels thus at Midsummer in Stage and Steam-boat like a man of twenty-five— I spoke to Fendall of Richard Henry Lee, enquiring what appointment he wished to obtain— He said something in the line of his profession, the Law— Mr White the Delegate from Florida called; returned from an excursion to Albemarle County, where he told me he had purchased twelve of Mr Monroe’s Slaves. A Mr Holbrook from Georgetown came to apply for a lease of public Lands near the Bridge, in Washington to erect the buildings for a School or Academy. I sent for Mr Elgar and spoke with him of this application and that of Hunter and Wheat— The Lands wanted by Holbrook, are for Sale, but not at the disposal of the President by Lease. Elgar himself is averse to both the proposals, and thinks that the Act of Congress of 1812. did not contemplate the erection of any buildings on the reserved Lands. But he is to enquire into the usual rate of ground rates, and to come again, Monday morning— We had company to dine— S. B. Barrell, J. H. Bradley, William Brent, Judge Brook, R. S. Coxe, Judge Cranch, J. Dunlop, R. P Dunlop, Walter Jones, B. L. Lear, C. C. Lee, John Marbury, Mr Reynolds, T. Ringgold, Mr Roberts S. L. Southard,    Swann, Judge Thruston, R. Wallach, and Joseph M. White— T. J. Hellen, with the rest of the family, except Mary who is unwell: we were 25 at table— H. Clay, Bishop Flaget, Mr Granger, F. S. Key, Mr Matthews, Judge Morsell, Mr Nabell, John Rhea, R. Rush, Moses Tabbs and Mr Worthington were invited but did not come. Evening idle.