13 June 1828
adams-john10 Emily Wieder Recreation

13. IV:30. Friday. Boat-Bath. Swam 22 minutes— Garden visit.

Johnson. Ariana F. Todsen— George P. Borland Roberdeau— Isaac Montandon Hunter Reynolds Derrick William S Wyer Edward Fillebrown Thomas Watts Beaufort T

Finding it necessary to intermit my morning ride, I took a Boat-bath in the Potowmack, and swam 22 minutes with less fatigue than I had suffered on Monday with fifteen— Visited the Garden on returning from the bath— The Nursery before and the Yard after dinner— In the Eastern Seminary, the tallest of my plumtrees is 2 feet high. The Peach trees 22 inches. The Apple 14 inches— One of the Coffee kernels is bursting into a green leaf— In the Southern Seminary, the wild Cherry trees, Althaea’s and Catalpa’s of last year flourish luxuriantly— The Cherry trees, are some of them three feet high— The walnut trees of the last year spend their vigour in lateral twigs, and broad foliage— The main stem not rising at all— I see in the Nursery one new unknown plant, and a very small shoot opens in Seedling box N. 4. in the house— There are still 20 unpromising Oaks in the yard—perhaps as many have been trampled down by the Cattle. Mrs. Johnson came to solicit my influence with the Secretary of the Navy, to obtain a Clerkship in that Department now vacant— Dr Todsen came to thank me for the appointment of physician to the Indian travelling deputation, and to claim some additional compensation for his expedition to the African Colony. He left a paper with me to that effect, but I told him he must apply to the Secretary of the Navy— Coll. Roberdeau called with Mr Montandon, and are to come again at ten to-morrow. Borland the Carpenter had been here, and could not be ready 574with the plank before to-morrow— Mr Hunter brought me from the Commissioner of the Public Buildings, Elgar, an abstract of the Act of Congress of 5 July 1812. authorizing the President of the United States, to lease the reserved Lands in the City of Washington, for a term not exceeding ten years, to improve the grounds for public walks, botanic gardens or other public purposes— I told Mr Hunter, I should consider his School or Academy as a public purpose within the purview of the Act, and would inform him of the Conditions of the lease if he would call again next Monday— Mr Reynolds the projector of an Expedition to the South Pole was here— A Bill for that purpose was reported by the Naval Committee to the House of Representatives at their last Session, but the House could not reach it in Season— A Resolution of the House did pass however recommending that one of the Public Vessels should be employed on an exploring Expedition to the South-Sea— Reynolds says that a Merchant brig, will be sent with her upon Speculation— Mr Derrick brought me the draft of a Letter from Mr Clay, to the British Minister Vaughan, in answer to his application for Northeastern boundary documents which I approved— Edward Wyer came gossiping for an hour. Mr Fillebrown of the Navy Department told me he had heard Thomas Scott of the State of Ohio, was an applicant for an Office—and he came to tell me that this Scott was a swindler, and had bilked his bail in this City of whom Fillebrown himself was one— I told him I should not be in haste to confer an Office upon Mr Scott— He shewed me a Letter from the Postmaster at Chillicothe, informing him that Scott had not taken from the Office, Fillebrown’s Letter to him, calling upon him to justify his bail— Mr Watts now Secretary to the Legation at St. Petersburg, came to thank me for the appointment, and to take leave— Going to-morrow to embark at New-York— I returned him the Medals he had left with me. I signed Blank Patents 46 single, 20 double and 20 for foreigners. Also 5 Commissions. Reading Evelyn’s Silva.