18 May 1838
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Bank of the United States

18. VI. Friday

H.R.U.S. This day, the first for several weeks was devoted by the House to the consideration of private business; and of course almost all with less than a Quorum of the Members present— Many reports from Committees upon cases of claims were received. The Bill directing the Postmaster General to settle the account of Hard, and Longstreet was driven through, notwithstanding Underwood’s continued opposition— I sunk into Silence— Two or three Bills for establishing Pension agencies in several States, crept along without much notice— This business was heretofore every where transacted gratuitously by the Bank of the United States— The Pension agency now are a considerable charge, and established without concert of system. There was debate between Fletcher and Allen of Vermont, whether the Pension-agency proposed to be established in that State should be at Burlington or at Montpelier.— Governor Lincoln reported a Bill relating to the public buildings, and made an earnest effort to prevail upon the House to take up the Bill to provide for the removal of the Walls of the new Treasury Building, and for the erection of a fireproof building for the Post-Office Department— Numbers of workmen, depending with their families for their daily subsistence upon employment, have been discharged for want of the passage of this Bill— Three or four of them stopped me a few days since, in the passage way to the House, and represented to me their destitute condition— The Speaker said he had a memorial from a number of them which he had been requested to present— Sergeant made an appeal to the House in their favour— Lincoln moved to suspend the rules to go into Committee of the whole on the Bill at Noon this day, but the motion was rejected by yeas and nays 70 to 99. Boon 489Boon and Russell consented severally to dispense for this day, with their daily motion to suspend the Rules— Cambreleng said there were 600000 dollars of drafts on the Quartermaster’s department under protest, and moved to go into Committee of the whole on the public business; but the House refused— He then gave notice that he should make the same motion next Monday, after the reception of Petitions— The House then went into Committee of the whole, Atherton in the Chair, upon 33 private Bills; all of which were reported, some without and some with amendments, and on some progress, and leave to sit again a clause in perhaps two thirds of the Bills, allowing long interest upon antiquated claims was after some discussion stricken out from them all— It had been stubbornly debated on former days— It was now reluctantly yielded—to save the original claims themselves— Mr. Whittlesey was very anxious to go into Committee again; but the members in attendance were too much wearied with their drudgery and the House adjourned before 5. I returned the English Translation of Hennepin’s book to the Library; for Mr Fillmore, who had applied for it.— Sultry.