18 August 1817
adams-john10 Neal Millikan

18. V: Quincy. I had engaged the Stage to come directly to this place, without going into Boston. We left Walpole at seven O’Clock, and after stopping at Dedham to change horses, arrived here between ten and eleven, and had the inexpressible happiness of finding my dear and venerable father and mother in perfect health. Louisa Smith is with them, and her Sister Mrs James H. Foster, with her son are here upon a visit— Within half an hour after our arrival my uncle Peter B. Adams my father’s brother came in to see me— My Son John immediately went to my brother’s house and he came with his wife to dinner— The heat of the day was as great as at any time since we landed at New-York.— My brother’s Children all came after dinner— They are five—Elizabeth, Abigail, Thomas B, Isaac Hull, and John QuincyMr T. Greenleaf junr. called to see us— In the Evening Mr Barney Smith came with his Son in Law, our late fellow passenger Mr G. A. Otis.— Mr Marston likewise an inhabitant of Quincy paid us an Evening visit.— Charles’s birthday. 10 years old— George 5 f 7 1/2 i. John 4. f 9 1/2 i. Charles 4. f 4 i.