20 April 1816
adams-john10 Neal Millikan African Americans

20. VII. Answered this morning the Letter from the Brothers Baring and Co. returned them the Letter from Mr Simpson to them, which they had enclosed; and requested them to pay the Bill for £300. which it advised them that he had drawn upon them.— Wrote a Note to General Mina, appointing three O’Clock next Tuesday to see him at my Office in Craven Street; and promising to call on him previously at his lodgings that day, as he might not be sufficiently recovered from his Indisposition to go out without inconvenience. Sent also an answer to Mr Auld the Secretary to the Governors of the Scottish Hospital, apologizing for not being able to attend at their dinner on the 27th: Received a Letter from Mr MauryOur three Sons returned home from London about 3. O’Clock much gratified with their visit. Mr Sanders has been much more communicative with them about his Mission to Hayti, than he was to me. He is to be ordained a Priest of the Church of England; and then to be consecrated a Bishop of Hayti, according to the rites of the Church of England. He is also to be made Duke of Cape Henry— And intends going to the United States to take Mr Paul out with him to Hayti, where he is to be also one of the dignitaries of the Church— He is to take out from this Country a number of white men, as surgeons, Schoolmasters and preachers— I took a short walk, and then went with Mrs Adams to East-Hill, Wandsworth, and dined with Mr W. Vaughan, and one of his Sisters. The other was unwell, in London. Mr and Mrs Dickason, Mr and Mrs King, Messrs. Oliver, John and Henry White, and a Mr Sheldon, with the family constituted the company. The party was agreeable, and broke up between ten and Eleven— It was 432not much after Midnight when we got home. I then received a Letter from Count Lieven, informing me that he had been authorized by his Court to receive my Letter of recredence as he calls it—that is the Letter from the President of the United States to the Emperor of Russia, notifying him of my removal from the Legation of the United States at his Court.— The Count to save me all unnecessary trouble, proposes to me to send the Letter to his house— There was also an invitation from Countess Lieven to Mrs Adams and me, to spend the Evening to-morrow—