1 April 1816
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Court Life and Society, European
420 April 1816.

1. VI. George returned again to school this morning, after breakfast. I wrote to my brother, and brought my Journal up a day or two nearer to the present time. Our Servant Pio, wishes to return to France, and Mrs Adams said something to Mrs Tarbell when she dined here about taking him— Last Evening I received a Letter from Captain Stuart, proposing to take him to Paris, paying his expences for his services, but not to engage him afterwards— Pio is very anxious to go, but not without having a place secured when there— I sent him this morning with a Letter to Captain Stuart to ascertain his intentions— We had visits from Mrs King and Mrs Delafield, who came out with Coll: Talmadge son of the member of Congress from Connecticut of that name. He has been nearly two Months in London, and dined with us at Mr Delafield’s; but met that same Evening with an accident, spraining his foot, and has been almost constantly since confined— He brought me a Letter of Recommendation from Mr Monroe— Mrs Adams had also a visit from Mrs Everett and Mrs Tarbell, who are going immediately to France— I walked to Ealing and Gunnersbury. Received by the Evening Post a Letter from Mr J. A. Smith, enclosing a Notice that the Queen will hold a Drawing-Room at her house, next Thursday at two O’Clock— Also a Letter from A. Glennie, Son and Co: enclosing at last a receipt from H. Lock for the Bill of Charges upon my baggage from Russia— I read this Evening a few pages of Mr Worcester’s third Letter to Mr Channing.