17 April 1816
adams-john10 Neal Millikan African Americans

17. IX:15. We had just finished Breakfast, when Mr Joy came in, and took my three Sons with him, upon his party to Hampton Court; but it was too late to go in a day to Windsor and Eton College; so that that part of the Expedition was postponed for another opportunity— I had hoped and intended to have written industriously part of this day; but the reading of the New-York Papers lent me by Mr Moses absorbed much of the Morning, and I had barely time to answer General Mina’s Note appointing 3. O’Clock next Friday for seeing him at Craven Street, when Mr Prince Sanders, the Black Gentleman, came for the purpose of spending the day with my Sons; and being disappointed by not finding them at home, he stayed and spent it with me.— Mrs Adams was very unwell the whole day; She rose between three and four in the afternoon; and sat down to dinner with us; but was obliged immediately afterwards to leave the table again and return to bed. She 431had this Evening a very smart fever. Mr Sanders took a short walk of half an hour with me before dinner, and dined with me— I had much Conversation with him upon the subject of his visit to Hayti, as he calls it, or St: Domingo, and found he was in the highest degree delighted with his new connection there, with king Henry (Christophe) of whom he spoke in high terms of praise and admiration; but he was very reserved, with me, in speaking of his own present Mission, and of his future views— He gave me to understand however that his mission had reference to religious affairs— That King Henry was determined to admit no more Roman Catholics Priests into the Country; but that his intention was to introduce religious worship there according to the rites of the Church of England.— Sanders says that King Henry was displeased with the State Coach that was built in this Country and sent out to him— It was too tawdry for him; and he sent word to the maker, that he supposed he had taken him for a king of Congo, who was to be caught with show.— Sanders was just going away, when Mr Joy came in with the boys from their tour to Hampton Court.— He then stopped an hour longer, and returned to town with Mr Joy— He had also persuaded me to give permission to the boys to go in to Town to-morrow to see him, and Captain Bronson of the New Packet who is now in London.— It was with him that George and John, and Mr Sanders, came to England.