2 February 1816
adams-john10 Neal Millikan

2. V:45. Morning again cold; and I was occupied during great part of it, in arranging papers; a labour, which now devolves upon me at the beginning of every Month. Mr Smith sent me out a Card from Coll: Drayton, with a Letter of Introduction of him, from Mr Monroe, dated in July last— Coll: Drayton has been several Months at Paris, from whence he has just arrived. There was also a Letter, brought by him, as I presume, from Mr Warden, at Paris— He sends me a Description of the District of Columbia, a small volume lately published by him; and copies of a circular written by him to his friends in Novr: 1814. containing his statement of the circumstances under which he had been removed from the Consular Office, or suspended in the exercise of its functions, by Mr Crawford; and a Letter from the Prince of Benevent, Talleyrand, to him, certifying that the intercourse of the French Government with him after the arrival of Mr Crawford, was not at his own request, but only selon l’usage; Mr Crawford’s functions having commenced only after he had delivered his credentials— After spending a couple of hours upon my Journal, I walked with George through Hanwell and Ealing— But the cold had abated, and we had rain the latter half of our walk, which nearly drenched us. George was unwell after it. In the Evening, I read a few pages of Foster’s Essay.