1 February 1816
adams-john10 Neal Millikan
393 February 1816

1. VII:45. Finished my Letter to the Secretary of State, but the Journal was consequently neglected— Whenever I lose an hour of the morning, the consequence inevitable is, arrears, either of the Journal, or of the Correspondence—often of both. This day Mr Huxley gave his concluding lesson of writing and arithmetic to my three Sons, and I settled with him. It was also the day for them to return to school; but as the exercises do not begin until next Monday, we have indulged them in remaining at home until Sunday Evening. I walked with George, round through Gunnersbury Acton and Ealing; as we were coming back we met two Stages full of boys, returning to the School— After dinner, I began reading Foster’s fourth and last Essay, on the Causes which have rendered evangelical religion unacceptable to persons of a cultivated taste— The weather is yet cold and clear, and the roads of course dry— Just after Sun rise this Morning, I took Fahrenheits Thermometer into the Garden, and found it fell to 25. It has scarcely been colder as yet, this winter.