1 June 1815
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Impressment
262 June 1815.

1. VI:30. Having risen earlier than heretofore since our arrival in London, I was able to write an hour or two this morning, and began the attempt to retrieve the arrears of this Journal— They have run from the day of our sailing from Havre; and I am apprehensive will be slowly brought up.— I paid visits to Baron Jacobi the Prussian, and Baron Rehausen the Swedish Ministers, and at Mr Goulburn’s. Neither of them was at home, but I saw Mrs Goulburn— We also received visits from Mr & Mrs W. Vaughan, and from Mr Grubb.— I dined at Earl Grey’s— The invitation was for half past six O’Clock— I went at Seven, and found Mr Clay and Mr Gallatin just there— We were the first of the Company.— Lord Rosslyn, Sir James and Lady Mackintosh, Sir John Newport, Mr Horner, Mr Kinnaird, and a Mrs: Clements were of the party. The Ladies withdrew after dinner, but the men sat not more than half an hour after they were gone— The Conversation was partly about Buonaparte, and partly about the business before Parliament— Lord Gray said something to me about America, and strongly expressed his hopes that we should continue on terms of friendship with this Country— But with regard to the impressment of Seamen, he spoke like other English Statesmen— It was between eleven and twelve O’Clock when I came home.