26 January 1815
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Travel and Touring, International

26. VI: Bruxelles. I had ordered my horses at ten O’Clock this Morning— Having yet partly to pack my trunks.— Antoine came to my chamber, just after I had kindled my fire, and we were both busied until eleven in finishing the preparations— I had 214intended to call yesterday upon Mr Nuytens to take leave, but had not found a moment for the purpose. It was therefore necessary to write him a note, which I sent by the messenger of the Hotel— Nuytens the Son immediately came to my chamber at the Hotel, and took leave of me there— Mr Cornelissen did the same, and also Mr Meulemeester, who brought me the Music of the Couplets sung by his daughter on the 4th: instt:—they were written by Mr Cornelissen— I gave Mr Meulemeester the keys of the three trunks I leave with him, and my Letter to him of directions how to dispose of them— Mr Smith likewise came and took leave, and I requested him to see that the trunks should be sent to Mr Meulemeester’s in the course of the day. The largest of the three was already sent— At a quarter past eleven O’Clock I entered my Carriage, and left the Hotel des Pays-Bas, and the City of Ghent, probably never to see them again. My residence in the City has been of seven Months and two days, and it has been the most memorable period of my life. I left it with the Sentiments suitable to the occasion, of grateful regard for its Inhabitants, who have taken a strong interest in our success, and have shewn us many civilities and attentions; but above all with gratitude to Heaven for the signal favour to my Country in which I have participated at this place— There are three Stages between Ghent and Bruxelles—Quadrecht—Alost, and Assche— The distance is six and a quarter Posts— I left my Carriage only once at the first Stage; and landed at half past five in the afternoon at the Hotel de Flandre in Bruxelles— It was the coldest day there had been this winter, and was growing colder the whole day— The ground was covered with one sheet of snow the whole way; though not any where three inches deep— The travelling in sledges would have been excellent— After dining alone, I spent the Evening in my chamber, and attempted to write a little, without success— Between 9 and 10 I retired.