25 March 1805
adams-john10 Neal Millikan Health and Illness

25. Mr: Dennie has lent me a number of Journals and Reviews recently from England, with which I amuse my leisure moments; but I find it impossible to write as I could wish, having no place secure from continual interruptions. Mr: Vaughan called on me this morning— With him, Mr: Dennie, and Mr: Nicholls, I pass’d a couple of hours in the library and cabinet of the philosophical Society— Called to see Judge Cushing who arrived yesterday, but he was not at his lodgings.— Mr: Burr called on us, and other visitors are still numerous— After dinner, I walked out with Mr: Ewing and Mr: M’Call to the Schuylkill Bridge, which has very recently been opened— We all went to pass the Evening at Mr: Hopkinson’s; but I had scarcely got there, when Mrs: Adams was suddenly taken very ill, and was scarcely able to get back to our lodgings— She continued quite ill untill late in the Evening; and had two visits from Dr: Rush.