24 March 1805
adams-john10 Neal Millikan

24. Mr: Ewing called on me to go with me to Church, but Mr: Pichon came in on a visit, and detained us untill it was too late— Our visits both from ladies and Gentlemen are numerous— Called with Mr: Ewing upon Mr: Dennie, & pass’d an hour with him— Dined at Mr: Meredith’sMr: Hopkinson, Mr: Pierson, Mr: Ewing & Mr: Dennie were there— Mr: Abercrombie came in after dinner— Spent the Evening at Mr: Breck’sEliza went; but Mrs: Adams was obliged to stay at home with the children— George is so unwell that we were obliged to send for Dr: Rush to see him, and shall be under the necessity of postponing for some days our departure on his account.— At Mr: Breck’s, I met Mr: & Mrs: Huger, Mr: Short, Mr: Vaughan, and Mr: Nicholls, who told me he should propose me as a member of the Philosophical Society in this City